Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society
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ICT Reference Peer Reviewed Journals

AIS Senior Scholars' Basket of Journals

The list below is the top ranked journal reference from AIS. The journals are listed in alphabetical order.

The quality and timeliness of reviews provided by each of the eight journals are rated by AIS members to enable potential authors to better understand the review process at each journal.

CNRS Reference Journals

The following list is a subset of the full CNRS Categorization of Journals in Economics and Management", June 2019

ICT Journal Name CNRS Rank
MIS Quarterly 1g
European Journal of Information Systems 1
Information Systems Research 1
Journal of MIS 1
Decision Support Systems 2
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 2
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems 2
Information and Management 2
Information and Organization 2
Information Systems Journal 2
International Journal of Electronic Commerce 2
Journal of the Association for Information Systems 2
Journal of Information Technology 2
Journal of Strategic Information Systems 2
Systèmes d'Information et Management 2
Business Process Management Journal 3
Data Base for Advances in Information Systems 3
Electronic Markets 3
Expert Systems with Applications 3
IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems 3
Information Technology and People 3
International Journal of Human Computer Studies 3
International Journal of Information Management 3
Journal of Global Information Management 3
Journal of Organizational and End User Computing 3
Knowledge Management Research & Practice 3
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 4
Business and Information Systems Engineering 4
Communications of the Association for Information Systems 4
Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation 4
International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction 4
Journal of Decision Systems 4
Journal of Enterprise Information Management 4
Réseaux 4