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ICTO Awards

ICTO offers three prestigious awards to its members, honoring their contribution to all aspects of the field of Management Information Systems

ICTO Golden Medal for lifetime achievement

ICTO Golden Medal for lifetime achievement is the highest and the most prestigious award given by ICTO for lifetime career achievements. It recognizes outstanding individuals in the IS field who have made exceptional contributions to research in and/or the practice of information systems. Established in 2015 by the ICTO board, the ICTO Golden Medal Award is a singular honor to recognize seminal work by the award recipient.


Frantz Rowe
Prof. Frantz Rowe

Université de Nantes


Nancy Pouloudi
Prof. Nancy Pouloudi

Athens University of Economics and Business


Michel Kalika
Prof. Michel Kalika

IAE Lyon School of Management


Marco de Marco
Prof. Marco de Marco

Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO

ICTO Distinguished Career Achievement Award

ICTO Distinguished Career Achievement Award is awarded for individuals who made significant contributions in the following areas:

  • Teaching effectively
  • Fostering pedagogical innovations
  • Developing doctoral students
  • Enhancing research in the field
  • Developing effective methods, structures, and designs
  • Unusually effective service to a major professional or academic institution


Tetsuo Noda
Prof. Tetsuo Noda

Shimane University


Dov Te'Eni
Prof. Dov Te'Eni

Tel Aviv University


Maurizio Cavallari
Prof. Maurizio Cavallari

Universita Cattolica


Youcef Baghdadi
Prof. Youcef Baghdadi

Sultan Qaboos University


Cecilia Rossignoli
Prof. Cecilia Rossignoli

Universita di Verona


Georges Aoun
Prof. Georges Aoun

Université St Joseph, Beirut


Rolande Marciniak
Prof. Rolande Marciniak

Université Paris Nanterre


Mokhtar Amami
Prof. Em. Mokhtar Amami

Royal Military College of Canada

ICTO Leadership Award

The ICTO Leadership Award recognizes young members who have provided leadership within the Association, particularly through such activities as participating to the success of the association, strengthening the conferences, and participating in organizing special issues in journals.


Peter Bednar
Prof. Peter Bednar

University of Portsmouth


Charbel Chedrawi
Prof. Charbel Chedrawi

Saint Joseph University, Beirut


Jessie Pallud
Prof. Jessie Pallud

EM Strasbourg


Ibrahim Osman
Prof. Ibrahim Osman

American University of Beirut


Francesca Ricciardi
Prof. Francesca Ricciardi

Università degli Studi di Torino